Happy Mother’s Day | 11th March 2018

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 mother’s love is like no other and on your wedding, I feel so privileged to see and capture this love through photographs. From the little looks of affection and sometimes the tears, your wedding day is such a proud day for your parents but particularly your mum. Here is a small collection of some of the photographs featuring the mother of the bride and groom. Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful ladies that I have captured and those I am yet to meet x

The Reality of Becoming a Professional Photographer


ome people believe a new year is a perfect time for a new challenge, but turning your dream into reality involves a life-changing decision and you must consider the preparations that are needed before you make such a massive commitment. As a photographer who made the leap around the same time, I found in retrospect that most of the articles offering me advice had only given a glimpse of the reality of becoming a full-time pro and had overlooked many aspects. So I have decided to offer realistic advice to those looking to take the next step, in a new series of business features that describe how to overcome the potential obstacles.