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Wedding Videography | Should you have your wedding filmed?


any brides ask me about wedding videographers so today I want to give you my personal perspective as a photographer, a bride and a woman on why I think you should have your wedding filmed. Everyone is different, some photographers will have a completely different opinion however what it ultimately comes down to is this: will you regret not getting your wedding filmed? On a recent poll, I ran on Instagram 86% said yes they did regret not having a videographer.  So here are my thoughts and personal story…….

I know from personal experience when you are planning your wedding it soon becomes apparent your original budget was probably underestimated. This is why I initially didn’t book a videographer among other circumstances. In my head, I thought of so many reasons why I didn’t need one.  I hated the idea of being on camera let alone being filmed, we were in the middle of buying our first house, had a honeymoon straight after the wedding and our wedding was actually going to be a low key event. We hadn’t booked a renowned wedding venue and were having a blessing ceremony so something a little different to most. However, I came to realise one thing before it was too late, I wanted a video for my family.
So six weeks before the wedding I started my search for a wedding videographer. I had worked with some great people in the past but had also come across some that had made my life as the photographer really difficult. For example, having cameras at every angle so no matter where I stood I had a tripod in the shot, jumping in front of my camera to get footage, making the bride and groom pose separately endlessly for the video when they could just work with me to get what we both need. This is probably why some photographers don’t speak highly of videographers because of bad experiences. From a professional perspective, photography and videography need to work in harmony to achieve the same goal- to tell a story for the bride and groom. Being a photographer and knowing what I like I wanted someone that would blend into our day. After searching for days I was recommended David at Wedding Video Solutions. A fellow canon user, great low light work with an artistic and documentary approach, super friendly on the phone, available on my date and in my budget of what I was prepared to pay for a good videographer. I moved some money across from our honeymoon fund and booked him.
 On 17th September 2016, Dan and I had an intimate blessing ceremony which we wrote ourselves and made our promises in front of family and friends. If you watched the video above you will see it was pretty low key and casual. It had been quite tough to plan a wedding as six months before my dad had a stem cell transplant to treat multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. We had already been through 12 months of chemo and changed our venue and wedding plans to something that was more easy and affordable to cancel should my dad not be in good health for the wedding. Once he had the transplant I didn’t even know if the wedding would go ahead as the recovery was gruelling and a long, unpredictable process. In those 6 months, he fought to ensure he was there to walk me up the aisle. He was even determined to play a set with a band formed from old friends. We were lucky he was well and smiled from ear to ear all day. He even managed to play an hour set with the band and stayed up until 1am drinking whiskey with friends talking about old times. It was an amazing day, blessed with good weather and great memories were made. All of the pressure of knowing if we were even going to have a wedding melted away into a day that was perfect for us.
Dan and I disappeared on honeymoon for 3 weeks and in our final days before we were due home I found out my dad’s stem cell transplant hadn’t worked. We were all completely gutted that our hope for a longer remission had vanished. I remember we were all looking forward to watching the video and when it arrived we had a Chinese takeaway and movie night. My husband Dan hadn’t even realised we had a wedding videographer. David had worked in such a discreet manner Dan had assumed he was with the photographer. On the night we watched the video we giggled at all the little things we had missed during the day, we had forgotten how people had cheered in the speeches, remembered just how emotional I was walking up the aisle with my dad, saw people interacting and making new friends – the video brought everything back. It really was lovely to relive the day through someone else’s eyes. A film that was far from the old wedding films I had watched that go on for hours and well, cheesy. The video – including the highlights featured above and full edit – really was a reflection of the magic of our day. It was this night after watching the video my dad told me that my sister’s and my wedding were the best days of his life. Something that really touched me and always comes to mind even today. My circumstances are probably different to most but my dad passed away 3 1/2 months after my wedding and locked in that video is not only the memories of our wedding day but his voice. His songs. His music. His presence. His spirit.
My conclusion. Whilst beautiful photos from your wedding adorn your walls in your home, a wedding video may be tucked away safely in a draw. A photograph is a beautiful moment frozen in time, which takes us back to how we felt, portrays our love, and can capture the emotion we felt but ultimately video gives us all that and sound. The sound of loved one’s voices, a moving image of the way they move, personality traits and moments which happened before the photo and gives us the essence of the day which should seamlessly work with the photographs. For us, our video reflects the day exactly as we remembered it, which I believe is a testament to David’s style and documentary approach.
I didn’t watch the video for a while, raw with grief I felt too overwhelmed to even watch it but on our first anniversary Dan and I put on the DVD with a bottle of wine and it was pretty emotional. I cried a lot but I also smiled, to see how much my nieces and nephew had grown, hearing the lovely speech my mum gave and to see how nervous she was reading it, to see our family and friends having fun. Life is always changing and you don’t ever know what tomorrow will bring. I know I have no regrets that I had our wedding filmed and if someone were to ask me how much it was worth my answer would be priceless.
If you are feeling undecided then just book a videographer. Think of it as an insurance policy, it is better to have it than not. You can’t go back to that day and if you book the right videographer be prepared to fall in love with your video.
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5 Responses
  • kweech
    February 23, 2018

    Would love to hear your thoughts…………

  • Sarah
    February 23, 2018

    Totally agree with this Kelly. We left booking ours until the last minute as well, and I’m so glad we did it, we’ve watched it over and over again! Defintely a must have!x

    • kweech
      February 24, 2018

      I think even years later it is still lovely to go back and watch x

  • Sue Sly
    February 24, 2018

    This is so lovely Kelly, very emotional to read. I totally agree with filming your wedding, ours was filmed by four different friends it’s so great to see what the guys were doing in the morning before, their nerves and fun.
    For you the memory of your dad on your special day captured forever the way you remember him is beautiful a real treasure xx

    • kweech
      February 24, 2018

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I just hope it makes people think before they make a decision, I know it’s not the same for everyone. Even I myself didn’t really get how special it would be until after. So lovely you got friends to capture video Sue :) x

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