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5 minutes with… | Fleur Amour, Wedding Florist


hoosing the right florist is a big decision. Sometimes we know what we want but don’t quite know how to achieve the look. This is why a florist with excellent vision and creativity can contribute to creating the overall look and feel of a wedding. This week Fleur Amour owned by Charlotte Murrant discusses the latest floral trends and how to communicate with your florist the desired look you want to achieve.

What are the latest trends in wedding flower arrangements in 2018?

A massive trend coming back are the big floral table centre’s, taller designs are definitely being favoured giving a more elegant design to bring the WOW factor to the room! For venue decorating hanging designs are definitely a favourite at the moment, Natural foliage’s and flowers in stunning rings suspended from ceilings are proving a big trend. The DIY shabby chic style with jam jars and bunting is slowly drifting away in favour of more of an elegant but natural boho feels with loose flowing foliage’s, this is shown in the bridal bouquets which are becoming larger and looser in a really informal shape showing off the natural flowers and foliages. Colour schemes are still very varied but the pastel shades are taking on a pop of colour and copper table accessories are becoming popular!


How is best for a couple to communicate their vision for the wedding to a florist?

Surprisingly I only actually meet around 60% of my brides before the wedding! So a lot of communication is done via phone and email – Pictures are amazing and always helpful, it doesn’t have to be just flower pictures, I normally ask if they have a Pinterest wedding board (98% of brides do as Pinterest is amazing and so helpful with ideas!) once I can see this I can very quickly see what they are imagining their day to be like. If they don’t use Pinterest then I normally ask for their colour scheme and put a mood board of ideas together for them. If I’m meeting one of my couples pictures are still a huge aspect of the process, it ensures we are all on the same wavelength with everything like colours, styles and designs!


How far in advance should couples look to book a florist?

As Soon As Possible!! Once you know your wedding date you should definitely check if the florist has your date available and then book once you want that certain florist for your wedding day. Certain months obviously book up very quickly and summer months often book up the year in advance!


What key questions should a couple ask their florist when first meeting with them?

Definitely don’t be afraid to ask them questions! There are a couple of things I would personally want to know if I was to book a florist for a wedding, obviously, first you want to check their experience and ensure they have done a lot of weddings before. Check if they have worked at your venue before so they can help and advise you in the good areas to decorate, and also make sure they have made weddings similar to what you want, no 2 weddings will be the same but you want to make sure that if your asking for a country natural, wild look that they can produce what you want. Finally, make sure your florist is going to deliver and set up everything you have ordered within their quotation price, the last thing you want is having to collect it and set it all up yourself on the wedding morning. 


What top tips do you have to a couple who are totally clueless about flowers?

Don’t panic! This is actually a really good way to see if you have a good florist! The right florist will be able to look at you as a couple, know your venue and colour scheme and be able to understand the look you want… I work a lot of the time with couples who really don’t know what flowers they want but once I sit down with them and get a feel for the vision they have for the day along with details such as the venue, colour scheme, dresses etc then once we look at a few pictures it’s surprising how quickly it will all come together! If a florist expects you to give them a list of the exact flowers in certain colours and styles and doesn’t give you any input then run a mile as they clearly can’t see your vision for your day!


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All photography by Kelly Weech

Venue: Almonry Barn,

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